‘Feminine’ housekeeping: The best way to dress for a job


article It’s a sentiment echoed by many men across Australia and New Zealand who feel the pressure of wearing a man’s suit.

And it has taken a huge hit on the workforce with the introduction of the compulsory male grooming policy in Victoria and New South Wales.

But how do you dress for your job when your colleagues are not?

Here’s how to dress to be professional.


Wear a suit or jacket 2.

Keep your hair long 3.

Wear makeup 4.

Wear short-sleeved shirts or shirts with short sleeves 5.

Wear casual shirts or pants 6.

Dress with minimal accessories 7.

Wear high heels or a sporty dress with a wide waist 8.

Wear pants with a slit at the front and a straight leg 9.

Keep up your shoes 10.

Use a bowler hat 11.

Dress for the weather 12.

Dress professionally in the winter and in summer 13.

Dress professional in your social interactions 14.

Keep a grooming routine with a grooming buddy 15.

Get to know your team 16.

Look for the right balance of style and function 17.

Dress like a professional by following the dress code, but be flexible and adaptable 18.

Keep it casual in your home 20.

Dress smart in the workplace by wearing casual pants, a tank top, and casual shirts.

Source: ABC News (Melbourne, Australia) FEMENINE HOUSEHAWKS: THE PERFECT WAY TO DO IT All women have a role in grooming their colleagues.

It is the job of every woman to make sure she looks good in a suit.

But when it comes to grooming a woman in the workforce, many choose to avoid the standard man’s suits because they feel the responsibility.

But some believe that a suit is the best option.

Here’s what a woman should wear to make her appearance look professional and stylish.

1 .

The best suit jacket A suit jacket should be well tailored and with a well tailored back.

A suit should be fitted and with long sleeves, which can help make you stand out.

A dress shirt with a high waist and sleeves should be the perfect choice.

This can also help with your ability to keep up with your colleagues.


Make sure your hair is neat and neatly combed 3.

Choose a long and loose cut with a collar at the top of the cut 4.

Keep short, messy locks 5.

Keep hair straight and neat 6.

Keep loose, full hair 7.

Keep long, messy hair with bangs, long hair or a bun.


Use your best facial expression when looking at your colleagues 9.

Make a face when you meet someone 10.

When looking at a face, smile and hold your head up.

This allows you to get a better angle 11.

Keep yourself looking good with a good style 12.

Keep the appearance of your face straight, even if it’s not always the most flattering 11.

Wear the right coloured shirt to complement your outfit.

This helps to blend in with your surroundings 13.

Wear appropriate shoes 14.

Avoid high heels 15.

Avoid a dress shirt 16.

Avoid wearing a tank Top (dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up or rolled down) 17.

Use long sleeves to complement the shirt 18.

Use low back straps 19.

Make an effort to keep your hair in place 20.

Keep in touch with your team 21.

Wear an eye patch 22.

Keep cool by wearing a hat with a small flap 23.

Keep things casual by wearing short shorts 24.

Keep away from the gym 25.

Avoid heavy makeup 26.

Avoid bright colours 27.

Keep all your hair out of sight 28.

Dress stylishly in the afternoon 29.

Wear your favourite pair of trainers 30.

Use an appropriate bowler-hat 31.

Wear comfortable boots 32.

Use professional make-up 33.

Wear accessories for casual occasions 34.

Wear something casual when it suits you 35.

Dress up when you want to impress your colleagues 36.

Keep stylish by wearing your favourite style 37.

Use the right amount of makeup to make up your hair 38.

Keep an eye on your appearance to make your appearance look good 39.

Keep on your toes for the best view Source: FourFourtwo/Getty Images 41.

Keep neat hair and keep your eyes peeled 42.

Keep clean grooming habits, so that you don’t run into someone with a bad cut or a bad posture 43.

Take care of yourself by avoiding alcohol 44.

Take pride in your appearance 45.

Use makeup to achieve a good impression 46.

Keep straight eyebrows 47.

Avoid tight or heavy make-ups 48.

Avoid unnecessary make–up 49.

Dress a professional at all times 50.

Dress appropriately for your workplace 51.

Avoid the temptation to go overboard with your grooming 52.

Use make- up products for work 53.

Avoid any type of make- ups 54. Dress

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