Hotel Housekeeping, the hottest career move for a new cintas employee

The hottest job in hotel housekeeping is probably going to be the desk assistant position, where you’re responsible for cleaning and tidying up the desk and keeping it organized, a role that’s not a new one for cintos customers.

It’s something you’re going to find more and more employers taking on as the industry moves forward, especially as hotel industry sales and occupancy continue to grow.

Hotel industry veteran and current Cintas manager of desk cleaning and maintenance Chris Nocera told us that the desk cleaning role has been growing steadily over the past few years.

“We’re seeing a lot more desk cleaners,” Nocara said.

“And it’s getting more and less like being a maid, and the cleaning is just really simple.

And so it’s definitely getting a lot of attention.” “

So the desk cleaners are a really important part of what we do.

And so it’s definitely getting a lot of attention.”

The new job, which is not new, will pay $19 an hour, and you’ll work from home from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

“It’s a new experience for me, and I’m excited to be able to do it,” Nacera said.

He said that he’s worked for Cintos since 2009, and that he enjoyed the new job.

“There’s definitely a lot to learn,” Nucar said.

But it’s not all new.

Before he joined Cintass, Nocar said, he was working in the kitchen and cleaning the dishwasher.

“That was really the last time I saw the people of my house, and they were cleaning dishes,” he said.

Nocaro said that the new role will be challenging, and he has some reservations.

“I’m definitely worried about cleaning up the floor.

I have to clean the floor a lot,” he admitted.

“The carpet can get pretty sticky sometimes.

And I have a lot going on in the home and I don’t want to be sitting around on the floor all day cleaning up.”

But he said he would still recommend it to any potential new ci-tex customer.


I’m definitely excited,” Ncario said.

Cintus, meanwhile, said it’s been hiring from its existing staff of nearly 500 people, and it has added hundreds of new hires in recent years.

Nucera said that for a while, the hotel was not hiring desk cleaning workers.

“Now we are hiring desk cleaners from our existing staff,” he explained.

“But that’s because our current employees are really great, and we just didn’t have the room for all of them.”

But, Nucario said, that is changing.

“At some point we will definitely be hiring new staff,” Noco said.

This new hiring process is likely to be more aggressive, with employees going into more detail about their experience in the industry.

Noco also noted that while the job is relatively new, it’s also something that the hotel has seen many people try before.

“Some of them really didn’t like it,” he pointed out.

And the new hiring will be a new challenge for the hotel’s existing staff.

“They’ve been doing it for years,” Noca said.

However, he said, they also know that it is a new role.

“My staff know this is a really exciting job, and will be working together with our current staff to make sure they get a great experience,” Nolasaid.

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