Housekeeping duties on Jets, Titans: Who’s playing?

The Jets and Titans are still competing for the same first-round pick.

Editor’s Picks Jets’ Tebow, Jets’ Fitzpatrick: ‘We’re all brothers’ after Week 3 Jets quarterback Geno Smith and quarterback Bryce Petty have had a rocky start to the season.

“We’re going to play well together,” Petty said.

“We’re not going to go 0-for-4.

It’s just going to be one of those times.

We’re all family, and we’re going, ‘Man, let’s do it.'”

The Jets and their first-rounder, second-rounder and seventh-rounder are currently tied for second place in the AFC East.

They are playing the Colts and Patriots in Week 4.

The Titans are currently fifth in the NFC West, tied with the Dallas Cowboys for the worst record in the league, but are on the verge of a playoff berth.

Ahead of the season opener, the Titans have lost five straight games.

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