‘Housekeeping’ quotes from ‘House of Cards’: Who’s the bad guy?

With the third season of House of Cards wrapping up, the show’s cast is looking to build on its momentum from the season before.

The third season, which follows Claire Underwood’s life as an assistant to her husband, Frank Underwood, has garnered the most praise from fans.

But now, the series is getting a second season in the works.

House of Secrets, an anthology series, is slated to premiere this spring on Netflix, with a new season of the show set to be filmed in May 2019.

In a series of interviews with The Hollywood Reporter, series stars Caitlin FitzGerald, Kevin Spacey, and Robin Wright discuss their characters’ personal and professional lives, and how the characters cope with their personal struggles.

The series is based on the novel House of Secrets by James Patterson, which is set in the early 20th century and follows Claire and Frank’s relationship with their son, Frank Jr. Claire Underwoods is the wife of Frank Jr., a successful real estate agent, and is working as a housekeeper in her husband’s New York City apartment building.

The first season of HOUSE OF COVERS featured Claire’s father, Frank Sr., a wealthy Manhattan real estate investor, as a recurring antagonist.

But as Claire continues her job as a secretary, she is also forced to confront her personal struggles as a single mother.

The season also introduced the show-within-the-show Frank Underwoods, who was the main antagonist in the first season.

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