How to build a ‘good housekeeping’ list for your house

This week’s roundup of best recipes and good housewares for your home includes the following: • The first step in your housekeeping routine: Using a vacuum, a sponge and a bowl • The best kitchen utensils: The best dishes to use and the best things to discard • A kitchen-cave-dwelling system: How to cook your food in a living room kitchen • The most important ingredients to keep in your kitchen: The most popular foods to buy and cook • The cheapest way to buy fresh fruit and vegetables: How much you can save on grocery bills • How to make your own jam: How you can make your very own jam • How many days in a week to cook: What to eat during those days and how long to cook it • The secret to creating a healthy meal plan: How many meals a week and how to make a plan for each meal • The right time to go to bed: How long you should stay up and when you should go to sleep • How much time you should be working each day: How often you should work and how much to work.

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