How to cook for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Housekeeper

When it comes to housekeeping, the legendary “Terminator” actor has a checklist to follow.

For the last 10 years, Schwarzenegger has been cooking for his housekeeper.

He likes to do it in-house, with only a few items to hand out and a strict no-fuss process.

“I like to use one dish, one thing that I can’t use anywhere else,” he said.

The star of the “Terminators” films and the “Mission Impossible” franchise has been preparing for a busy 2018, and he is now gearing up for his sixth birthday.

The 38-year-old actor, who is on a short-lived TV show, is hosting a party for the housekeeper on February 15.

It will be the first time the family has ever held such a party.

But the day has been delayed due to Hurricane Florence.

The event will be held at the Arnold house.

The housekeeper’s job is to keep his food warm, cook and clean.

“He is my favorite cook, and it’s his job to keep the house clean,” Schwarzenegger said.

“I love it.

It’s my job.”

Schwarzinger and his family have hosted other special occasions since the start of the season.

Last year, the star’s wife, Eva Mendes, invited a couple of friends over to celebrate the birth of their first child, who was born in October.

The family will also be hosting an Easter celebration on February 21.

For Schwarzenegger, his home is where he will be celebrating the holidays.

The star is a regular at the house, where he is also hosting an annual Christmas party.

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