How to Find a Housekeeper Salary

The executive housekeeper has long been one of the hottest job openings, with new estimates showing that the average pay in the field is $78,000 a year.

But the pay doesn’t stop there.

Housekeepers have to be able to perform all of the housekeeping duties that come with the job.

And that includes handling bills, cleaning, and doing other housekeeping tasks.

There are many different types of housekeepers, but the typical executive housekeepers is a senior or mid-level housekeeper.

In other words, they handle all of your household chores.

The average salary for an executive housekeeping position is $72,000.

That figure is based on a survey conducted by the National Association of Executive Housekeeping Directors.

But a salary for a home care housekeeper can vary from $50,000 to $75,000, depending on the location, experience level and company.

So to find the salary that’s right for you, here’s a look at what the average executive housekeep salary is in the U.S. and in other parts of the world.

Executive housekeepers can be paid $72k in the United StatesAn executive housemaid’s salary in the country typically varies between $50K and $65K.

An executive houseminder salary in Europe typically ranges from $65,000-$75,00.

In Europe, executive house-minder salaries are higherThe average European executive housemother’s salary is around $69,000 ($62,800)According to an infographic published by the European Federation of Housemaids (EFH), the median annual salary in France is around €61,000 for housekeepers and €72,800 for executive housewives.

Executive homekeepers in France and the U., Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries are often paid between €65,00 and €70,000In other words: salaries can vary dramatically depending on where you live.

For instance, in France, salaries for executive homekeepers are generally around €65k ($67,400) to €70k ($71,800).

According to the European Housekeeping Association, the average annual salary of an executive homekeeper in the Netherlands is €66,000 (~$73,200).

According the American Housekeeper Association, executive home-mister salaries range from $60k to $65kIn France, executive and housemaid salaries can be around €75,100 ($85,600)In Germany, executive, housemaid and executive housewife salaries are around €78,100 (~$96,400).

In the U, executive salary ranges from €65K to €73K (~$81,900)According the EFH, housekeeper salaries in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and the United Arab Emirates are around $79,900.

In the United Republic of Tanzania, executive pay ranges from around €45,000 (€43,900, or $49,400, according to the EF H) to around €68,000 ~$71,600 (~$76,400), according to a study by the World Bank.

The Executive Housekeeper Survey (EHS) was created by the Executive Housemaid Association (EFHA) to provide data on executive housework salaries worldwide.

In addition, the EHS survey asks executive house staff to provide their experiences, experiences, and experiences.EHS surveys the salaries of more than 100,000 executive house workers and also provides information about other types of executive work including housekeeper jobs.

According to a survey from the EHWA, executive salaries in Europe and other parts is around the $75K mark ($82,000)The average executive salary in England is around £47,000

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