How to get the job done when your housekeeper’s sick

How do you keep your housekeeping job in good health?

Here are a few tips to help you keep it running smoothly: Keep your housecleaner clean Keep the housecleaners home at all times Make sure you clean the kitchen and living room frequently and keep the kitchen clean.

Never leave a kitchen unattended Make sure your kitchen and dining room are clean.

Do not leave food in the kitchen while it is being prepared.

Do you wash your hands frequently?

Do you put on gloves or masks when you work with your housekeepers?

Is there anything you can do to help prevent infection?

The answers to those questions and more will be found in this special feature, “How to keep your household clean.”

(Photo: Getty Images)How to make sure your housekeeps housework in good shapeThe first thing you need to do is make sure that your housemaids housekeeping work is in good condition.

To do that, check out these tips:Have a clean housekeeping uniform that is comfortable to wear and that fits your house.

Wear gloves when handling food.

Never place food or utensils into the kitchen without first washing them first.

Never use gloves to wipe your hands when handling utensil cleaning supplies.

Wash your hands thoroughly and always clean your hands before you use them.

Do your house cleaning regularly, every two to four weeks, and only after washing your hands.

Wash hands with soap and water and wipe them with a damp cloth.

Make sure all food and utensillare in good order.

The kitchen and bathroom are clean, the housekeeping unit is clean and the living room and kitchen are clean from dirt and grime.

Keep all surfaces of the house clean and sanitized.

Wash surfaces and surfaces regularly, and if you need more help, ask for a professional.

Keep the kitchen in a dry, well-ventilated area, where you can control the temperature and humidity and keep your hands free of mold and other germs.

Wash and dry the kitchen, wash surfaces of your home and bathrooms, and do your house work outdoors.

Use a regular towel to wash your dishes, wipe down your dishes with a clean cloth and then wash the cloth with water.

Wash clothes and towels after use, so they don’t become dirty.

If you do not wash your clothes, do not use them in the washing machine.

When cleaning your home, do so by hand, wiping away all the dirt and debris with a towel or wipe with a dry cloth.

Always clean your kitchen by hand using a clean and dry cloth to scrub with a soft sponge.

Wash the sink with a gentle scrub brush or a clean dry cloth and rinse with water or soap.

Wash towels and dishes in the sink after use.

Wash dishes by hand after washing them in a sink.

Wash utensile surfaces by hand and wash surfaces with soap.

Do washing on a regular basis.

Wash any food that has fallen on your clothes or your clothes has spilled on your kitchen sink.

Use detergent or a soap and a soft scrub brush to scrub your kitchen.

Do laundry by hand when you need it, washing all clothes, clothes-cloths and utters and towels.

Cleaning is important and you should do it by hand.

If the job is important enough to be put on the back burner, it should be done by hand if possible.

Make your home cleaner and housekeeper comfortable and provide enough privacy for you to have a conversation about how you are doing it and what you need help with.

Be considerate of your guests, especially if they need help.

Be open to suggestions and help if needed.

Be aware of any problems with your home cleaning that could be caused by mold or other gerbs.

Be prepared to pay for the services of an experienced housekeeper if you cannot pay the home cleaner.

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