How to make sure your home stays clean and in top shape

A hotel room has to look the part to keep guests entertained.

And if you’ve got a busy schedule, that means your room has a lot of room to breathe.

Here are a few tips to help keep your room clean and healthy.

Keep your bed nice and comfy If you’ve just gotten your hotel room cleaned, that might mean the bed has to stay nice and clean, too.

That means keeping your bed upholstered, making sure it’s a nice soft material and making sure you don’t leave it in the bathroom.

If the bed isn’t upholsted, you might have to get a professional to do the job.

The most important thing is that you keep your bed clean, even if it’s not upholstery-free.

Keep the air in your room dry If you’re using a hotel room to stay in, you should keep the air flowing in and out of your room.

And don’t let the humidity in your hotel air dry out your room and cause the bed to be a mess.

That’s because humidity can cause mold and mildew to grow in your mattress and sheets.

Keep bed linens dry If a hotel bed is dry, it means you don,t need to be drying it yourself, says Pamela Taggart, an occupational and occupational therapist in St. Louis, Mo.

Instead, you can give your bed linen a good cleaning.

For this reason, Taggert says, you want to keep the linens in their own place and not in a bucket or air bag.

Use the same pillow as your bed If you use the same mattress and bedding as your hotel guests, you may want to wash the sheets and pillows, too, Taggan says.

She recommends using the same bedding.

Keep a hand-washing station handy A hotel hand-wash station might be the most helpful thing you can do to keep your hotel rooms from getting mold and bacteria.

Taggarts says if you’re cleaning a hotel with hotel bed linings, you need to make your own soap.

If you don.t have a hotel hand soap, Tagsman says, there are plenty of products that will do the trick.

She also recommends using a soap that’s formulated for hotel use and can be reused.

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