How to prepare for the Christmas season

The first thing you should do in the new year is to stop and smell the roses.

The second thing is to pick up the first two books of the new Christmas season, “The Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ” and “The Gospel of Our Lady of the Mount” and read them out loud to all of your loved ones.

“It’s a wonderful book, because the author is a very good writer,” Rabbi Jonathan H. Brown, the co-founder of the Reform synagogue in East Jerusalem, told The Jerusalem Times.

“The books are written with the most profound humility.

I have been very touched by his words.”

The Reform synagogue’s newest Christmas book, “Christmas on the Mount,” is a meditation on the life of the Jewish saint.

Brown has written more than a dozen Christmas books in his life, including the popular book “The Life and Times of Christmas.”

“The author is very good at using humor and humor in a way that makes it clear how the saint’s life was deeply affecting and how the whole world was affected,” Brown said.

“We have to remember that in Judaism there is a strong sense of humor.

We have to be mindful of it.”

A woman sits inside a housekeeping kit at the Reform Jewish congregation in East Holon, near Tel Aviv, on Dec. 12, 2017.

(AFP photo)”The saint is not a person to be glorified, but he’s the author of life,” he said.

Brown said he was surprised that “there are so many people celebrating the saint, because he was so much about the poor and the downtrodden, about the suffering of his people.

This book is very appropriate for all people.”

The book comes as Israel prepares for the arrival of Pope Francis on Christmas Eve, the first pope from the Christian West to visit Israel.

A visit to Israel and the West Bank, which Israel considers its sovereign territory, is scheduled for Dec. 22 and 23.

In recent years, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been making efforts to improve relations with the West and has signed several peace agreements, including one with the Palestinian Authority.

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