How Trump’s ‘fake news’ media is destroying America

The White House is scrambling to defend its embattled media in a growing number of cases, with the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and his son- in-law, Ivanka, at the center of several instances of abuse of power and a White House effort to address the issue.

Here are five examples of how the president and his family are being bullied and abused in the White House press corps.


White House chief of staff Reince Priebus was kicked out of the White Houses press corps when his bosses in the executive branch fired him.

Priebus, the senior White House official who has been a key player in Trump’s campaign and transition, was fired last week by the president.

But it appears the president has not been pleased with his dismissal and has ordered Priebus to take a leave of absence from the White houses press corps and its related news organizations.

Trump’s White House was also forced to take down its website early Saturday following a series of embarrassing, inaccurate articles that were written by Priebus. “

It is my hope that Reince can return to his previous duties in the West Wing as quickly as possible.”

Trump’s White House was also forced to take down its website early Saturday following a series of embarrassing, inaccurate articles that were written by Priebus.


White house chief strategist Steve Bannon was ousted by his boss Trump in January after he published a series, which included false claims, about former President Barack Obama.

Bannon was fired by Trump on Feb. 15.

In the weeks following Bannon’s departure, the Trump White House has attempted to undermine the credibility of the news media by publishing misleading reports, and by pushing false claims that the president was a Muslim.

White houses spokeswoman Hope Hicks told ABC News that Bannon will remain at the Whitehouse press pool, and said Bannon has been removed from the daily briefing process.


WhiteHouse chief of policy adviser Hope Hicks said Bannon is not under the authority of the president, but rather the chief of the staff.

Whitehouse spokesman Josh Earnest said that the WhiteHills office does not have any official power to dismiss Bannon.

“This is a WhiteHouse policy and they have no formal authority to do that,” Earnest told ABC.


The WhiteHouse has faced several instances in recent weeks of the Trump family and the White Hill media refusing to address serious, ongoing concerns from White House staff about the president or his administration.

Last month, the family of Vice President Mike Pence took the unprecedented step of calling off a briefing with reporters in an effort to protect the president from further criticism of his administration, and later issued a statement saying they were “very concerned about the tone and content of this event.”

White House Chief of Mission Michael Anton was forced to cancel a press conference scheduled to be held with reporters after Trump’s son, Donald Jr., called out the reporters and his father’s former adviser, Hope Hicks, during a press briefing.

The administration has also faced repeated attacks on the credibility and ethics of the press by the WhiteHill media.

WhiteHill Media said it is “deeply disappointed in the conduct of our own reporters and their reporting” and is “trying to reach out to the White HOUSE to address these serious allegations.”


The president has reportedly been threatening to “drain the swamp” and “disgrace” the press and the president by firing the people in charge of the daily briefings.

The New York Times reported Friday that Trump told his top aides that he would fire anyone who fails to report on the daily White House briefings, as well as anyone who refuses to report stories about the administration’s record on immigration, healthcare and the opioid crisis.

“He’s got a whole bunch of people in the swamp, he’s just fired the swamp people,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

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