‘We’re all in’: Housekeeping apps help home owners save money and maintain their properties

A new app called Housekeeping allows owners of small homes to save money by paying their rent on time and keeping their homes in good condition.

The app, which launched in Australia last week, uses a smartphone app to track maintenance, cleaning and maintenance tasks, and can also send owners a daily report.

The data is then used to calculate how much money each owner would save.

Owner Sarah Fishel says the app will also help her manage the costs of running her small business.

“It’s a really good tool for us as owners, because it can help us figure out what’s a bit more of a hassle, what’s not a hassle,” she said.

“And then we can actually figure out how to make the most of that.”

Housekeeping can be purchased for $19.99.

Sarah Fandell is one of the owners of two small-home properties in Adelaide.

“Housekeeping app is good for me because it helps us understand how we can make our house a bit nicer,” she told ABC Radio Adelaide’s Today program.

“What’s our budget?

What’s our maintenance?

And also, how do we improve the quality of the home?”

Sarah Fiell said the app helps owners make decisions about maintenance and cleaning costs.

“I’m very pleased that we have the option to make decisions and see how much we can save,” she added.

“So it’s very much a matter of how much more of your money you want to spend, how much less you want that money to be spent.”

Ms Fiel said she is not concerned about the privacy of the data the app collects.

“The information that we collect from you, your location and your IP address is completely private,” she explained.

“We do not sell any of that information to third parties.”

The app uses Google Analytics, which can track the location of users on mobile devices.

Data collected by the app is used to improve the app.

It is used in conjunction with the Housekeeping mobile app, available on the app store.

“This app is a service that we are all in,” said Ms Fandells owner.

She said she found the app to be a valuable tool to keep the house in good shape. “

There’s lots of good advice on the housekeeping app about how to manage your house, what to do with your house.”

She said she found the app to be a valuable tool to keep the house in good shape.

“You can see your bills, you can see how long it has been going to repair and what is the average cost of that repair,” she noted.

“That information is very helpful in deciding whether or not you want your house repaired.”

Ms Rielly said she wanted to make sure she was saving as much as possible by using the app and that she was aware of the privacy concerns.

“Obviously there’s a lot of privacy implications when you’re doing that kind of thing, and I want to make that clear that there is no data being collected,” she admitted.

“However, it’s just as well because if I didn’t have the house, I don’t know what I’d do.”

Ms Kasten said the privacy issues were less of a concern with the app than with other apps.

“Privacy is important, especially in a country like Australia where the data is so freely available,” she concluded.

“Especially for people like myself, where there’s very little control over what we do with that data.”

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