When did your father sign you up for a job?

The father of the man who was shot dead in a robbery on the outskirts of Rome has been in hospital with a bullet wound in his leg.

It is believed that the man was attacked by four armed men who broke into his home, leaving him in critical condition in hospital, local media reported on Friday.

It came hours after news broke that the victim was also a victim of a robbery.

The suspect has not been named but it is believed he shot the father in the leg.

Police have identified the victim as Mario Giuseppe Mascia.

The 24-year-old was shot on Thursday evening in the Villa Venezia, near the city’s main train station.

According to local media, the suspects are believed to have fled in a car.

There was no immediate word on a possible motive for the attack.

Italian media also reported that the father of Mario Mascio was shot after a car chase, but this was later confirmed by his wife.

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