When the Care House Is Yours

A nurse at a nursing home in California was left in tears when her boss told her to do housekeeping duties for a nursing house, only to find out she was not the only one.

According to NBC News, the employee, who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of her job, was forced to do home care for a resident who needed a nurse and who did not want her to take care of the resident.

“It just feels like you’re living with a bad roommate,” the employee said in a video posted by the local news outlet.

“You’re paying for the care, and then the care doesn’t get done,” she added.

“I just feel really sad for the resident.”

The employee was hired by the facility’s nursing home manager to work on a daily basis.

However, she was told that she was only being paid to do daily care duties for the home’s residents.

After a lengthy meeting with the nursing home’s manager, the nursing house manager decided to cut the employee’s pay and told her she would be fired, NBC News reports.

“This is a situation where they just feel like they don’t have a choice,” the resident said in the video.

“They just don’t want to make any sacrifices.”

After being fired, the woman was left frustrated, and asked her boss why she was being fired.

The nursing home told the resident that the woman’s work had not been reviewed by the nursing team, and that the home had already paid her for a week of work.

She was told she was fired because she did not have the appropriate training to be a nurse.

The employee also complained about the home manager’s comments about her being a “bad roommate,” and that she should not have been forced to work for someone who did nothing but clean.

“They said that she needed to do the care,” the woman said.

“But I mean, she just cleaned her own room, and she did that for free, and it wasn’t paid for.”

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