When the Champions League is over, the big question is whether the Italians can win it back

At the end of this year, it will be six years since the last Champions League final and many Italians would love to have it back.

Ancelotti’s side have been at the top of the table for three years, with the two runners-up in the league and the Europa League runner-up now at the bottom.

And they have yet to win a game in the competition in that time.

In a country which has never lost the title, it would be a major achievement.

And yet, at the moment, there is a very good chance of losing it all.

At the start of this season, the Bianconeri lost to Bayern Munich in the Champions Leagues semi-finals.

They are now 5 points behind Juventus and 3 points ahead of Chelsea.

If Juventus are to make the quarter-finals of the Champions’ League again, they will have to beat Bayern in the first leg, with Chelsea in the semi-final and Roma in the last 16.

And that would put Italy in a situation where they would have to win the last game of the group stage, against Roma, to win it all back.

It will not be easy for a team to do this, but it is possible.

It would be an incredible achievement for a player such as Cesare Prandelli, a man who is revered for his achievements.

It might even be a miracle.

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