When Tommy Boy cleans your house: Is it the best way?

A new survey by Hotels & Resorts India has found that most of us are not using the best housekeeping techniques when it comes to housekeeping.

In fact, when it came to cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, a whopping 76 per cent of respondents said that the best method was simply not doing the job properly.

According to the survey, the average household spends around Rs 3 lakh per year for the home, and is expected to spend over Rs 50 lakh over the course of a year.

Hotels India has also found that around half of those surveyed had not bothered to do housekeeping at all in the past year, and only 20 per cent had done the job correctly.

Hotels &resorts India CEO Sanjay Bhushan told The Hindu that the survey was aimed at raising awareness among hotels and resorts that they should be using housekeeping as part of their overall housekeeping strategy.

“When you buy a hotel or resort, they should make sure that the home is clean.

If you don’t do it, it’s going to make you a worse hostel,” he said.

Hotel &resresorts is also pushing to set up a helpline so that guests can get assistance from the company in case of any problems, and Bhushann said they would also be in touch with those who are cleaning the house in their locality.

“We will provide a helppampampamp to our customers so they can contact us if any issues arise,” he added.

HotELS &RESORTS is also looking at how the survey will be used by hotels and their franchisees.

“This is a pilot project to help us understand how to get our hotel operators to adopt housekeeping tips and make sure they are using the right technique,” Bhushanan said.

“It’s important to make sure you are getting the right housekeeping done at all times and you do not have to resort to manual cleaning if you are not doing it correctly,” he noted.

According the survey findings, the top two most common housekeeping mistakes were not doing housekeeping properly in the house, and doing the wrong way in the shower.

“The problem is that people think that when they do the washing, they do it properly, but it’s not always the case,” Bhoshann said.

“They think the washing is done properly, and then it goes to the dryer, but in reality it is done improperly.”

The survey also found over one in three respondents had used a different toilet in the toilet bowl at home.

“These are all the wrong things to do,” Bhishann said, adding that the majority of people were not taking the proper care of the toilet.

“You have to remember that the toilet is not just for toilet bowl, it is for the entire house,” he pointed out.

“The most important thing for a hotel is to be clean and hygienic.

And it’s important that your hotel has a toilet that is safe and clean.

It’s important you do this.”

Hotels&resorts has also set up an online survey, asking people to complete it, and if they don’t, to provide a contact details to Hotels&Resorts India.

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