Which American Housekeeper Should You Be?

By now, you’ve probably seen the photo of a woman with her head wrapped around a man’s shoulder.

The photo was tweeted out by @TheRealBetsy to share with her Twitter followers.

The tweet was picked up by the popular alt-right website Breitbart, which posted it with the caption: “Trump’s housekeeper is the worst of the worst.

She’s a housemaid who hates Mexicans and hates her own family.”

The post drew more than 1,500 retweets, more than three times as many as the original.

The story was picked apart by other conservative outlets including Infowars, a conspiracy theory website.

But the story went viral after an Instagram account that appears to belong to Betsy posted the photo on Thursday.

In it, Betsy’s head is hanging by her side, her face covered by a towel.

The caption reads: “I’m an American Housewife who hates her family, and I’m afraid of Mexicans.”

“She’s a disgusting, horrible human being who has the highest tolerance for the worst things that go on in this country,” Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle wrote.

“She is the biggest hypocrite in American politics, and we have to take it out on her.

It’s disgusting, it’s disgusting.”

Betsy is now being defended by the United States House of Representatives, which said in a statement that the photo “does not reflect the values of the American Housewives.”

Betsy’s image was tweeted from a account belonging to a woman who identifies herself as Betsy.

She posted the picture to Instagram in the morning.

She has not responded to a request for comment.

She also did not respond to requests for comment from the Washington Post for this story.

But her account has now been removed from the social media site.

The post also attracted support from others on Twitter.

“If you’re an American who has a strong family, who doesn’t have children, who is not worried about the welfare of your family, then you know how to make a good housekeeper,” tweeted @danny_gutierrez.

“Betsy, don’t hate Mexicans.

They’re your family.”

Betsy also had her own Twitter account, @RealBebby.

The account is mostly empty, except for tweets about the new baby.

It has not posted anything about her alleged murder.

The Washington Post contacted Betsy’s lawyer, Mark Krikorian, for comment about the tweets.

Krikorians statement also does not address the Instagram account, which has since been deleted.

The housewife’s account also posted a series of pictures of the alleged murder of her husband, which were later taken down by the house.

The photos included a man lying on the ground, blood splattering the ground and Betsy with blood splattered on her face.

She is also shown being punched in the face and body.

One of the photos shows Betsy on the bed with her baby, who was covered in blood.

Betsy has a history of mental illness.

She reportedly killed her husband and three other people in 2010, but was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

A judge later reduced her sentence to 10 years in federal prison.

Krakorian said he is confident that Betsy will be exonerated of the murder.

“The evidence is overwhelming,” Krikoris statement reads.

“We have been working tirelessly to get this information out, and Betsy’s story is compelling.”

He said that his client is “ready and eager to be reunited with her family.”

“I believe that her husband has been exonerated, but there is still much more work to be done,” Krakorians statement concludes.

“While she will not be in prison for long, Betsy will have a much longer road ahead of her, and it is a journey that will be full of ups and downs.”

Betsy told ABC News she’s “shocked and saddened” that the account of her alleged crime was taken down.

“It’s really disappointing that my story is being taken down,” Betsy said.

“I feel like they want me to feel guilty for my crime.”

ABC News’ Emily Mertz contributed to this report.

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