Which housekeeping job title would you like to learn more about?

If you’re a housekeeping assistant or receptionist, or a housekeeper who works in an international hotel, chances are you’ve heard of a job title that has popped up recently.

These titles include: housekeeping manager,housekeeper manager,residence care assistant,room service manager,residential cleaning assistant,hotels housekeeping supervisor,residents housekeeping team,housekeepers office,residenties housekeeping office,housemaid housekeeping service,house cleaning housekeeper,house cleaner housekeeping,house maintenance housekeeper source ABC News article Hiring a housecleaning team in a major Australian city isn’t an easy task, but it could be a lot easier than you think.

This infographic from the Australian Financial Journal explains how housekeeping can be a great career for people looking for a good paying job, while also helping you learn about your employer’s requirements for hiring a housecleaner.


Why you should care about housekeeping vacancies 2.

What you should look for in a house cleaning team 3.

How to find a house cleaners team in your city 4.

How house cleaning can help your career 5.

How you can start a house cleaner company 6.

What it’s like to work in a job you love 7.

What to do if you’re hired to do housekeeping in your workplace 8.

How much does it cost to clean houses in Australia 9.

Where to find house cleaners in Australia 10.

What house cleaning is good for the environment and you 11.

How long do you need to clean a house?


How many cleaners you should have in your team 13.

How do you know if you’ve got the right person for the job?


What are the costs of house cleaning?


What do you pay for?


What should you look out for in house cleaning jobs 17.

What qualifications are required to do a house job in Australia?


What is the most common mistakes people make in housekeeping?


What’s the best place to find help?


Where do you find advice and help in houseclearing?

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